Could Too Much Tweeting Ruin Your Career?

There’s a lot of talk about how using Twitter can be good for your career, your business, and your brand (and a lot of that happens right here on AllTwitter!). But just like with ice cream and sequins, you can have too much of a good thing, even when that thing is Twitter.

Apparently, in the sports world at least, if you’re too good at Twitter it’s potentially a bad thing.

ESPN Boston reports a rumor that not only are the Patriots following prospective new recruits on Twitter, but they’re counting up just how often these folks tweet… and they’re not giving them any extra points for 140-character eloquence.

ESPN specifically says that they heard from “a Patriots staffer telling someone close to a prospect that the team noticed a high volume of tweets and wondered if the player was more into tweeting than football.”

Yes, apparently recruiters questioned whether too much tweeting meant less time for football… as if composing 140 characters a few times a day could interrupt a training regimen.

However silly this might sound, it made me wonder if other industries looked as negatively on too much tweeting as football recruiters.

Of course, if you’re a social media manager or consultant of some sort, tweeting more is a good thing. But what about celebrities? They’ve gotten themselves into hot water time and time again for tweeting something inappropriate, unkind, strange or just plain stupid. Maybe there is a team of Hollywood execs monitoring the feeds of all of the stars on Twitter, only to blacklist them from movie sets if they ever become too prolific – they’d be a liability, after all.

Whatever career you have, you’ve got to remember that it’s in the content, not the volume of your tweets. Sure, footballers might be penalized for over-tweeting because it’s seen as taking time away from practice, but as long as you perform your job well, I’m sure no employer would think twice about hiring you just because you tweet too often.

Tweeting too much about your road rage, sex life and foot fungus, on the other hand, is probably something you want to stay away from.