Could Spotify Work For eBooks?

Britain’s popular on-demand music streaming service Spotify has launched in the United States. The site lets you stream music from in the cloud for free. At this point you need an invite to the service, but if you want instant access, you can buy your way in for $4.99 a month. explains how it works: “You can listen free to any track, on demand. This differs from services like Pandora which serve tracks like a radio station — you only get to suggest which channel you listen to. Audio ads are served every few tracks, and you’ll also have to contend with banner ads in the (free) desktop software.” The platform also has various social sharing features which let you share your favorite playlists with your friends.

Could Spotify work for eBooks? Probably. The business is ad-supported, and all of the music is licensed from the record labels, so labels do make money on this. It’s also user friendly, which is a great way to reach a large audience. Potentially similar deals could be worked out with publishing houses and the service could offer eBooks in various formats to make the consumer experience for reading as good as it is for listening to music.