Could Bad Manners Hurt Your Career? New Survey Says Yes

successIf the saying is true that it really is lonely at the top, perhaps bad manners could be part of the reason why.

According to a new survey by Accountemps,  70 percent of employees in the survey said people become less courteous as they climb their way to the top.

The biggest breach of workplace etiquette? Using a speakerphone or talking loudly on the cell phone. Loitering and lingering around a colleague’s desk ranked second at 23 percent.

Then, of course, there’s the annoyance of nearby coworkers chomping on a stinky lunch. Workers mentioned this came in third at 15 percent. Next up, surrounded by colleagues with messy and cluttered workspaces came in at 14 percent.

What can we make of all this other than the annoyances seem to be spot on? To what extent does being courteous impact career advancement? Approximately 44 percent of respondents said greatly and that it can positively impact advancement; 41 percent somewhat but skills play a larger role and 14 percent mentioned there’s absolutely no impact since it boils down to who and what you know.