Brands Can Engage In The Business Of Twitter With CoTweet

This week I’ve been checking out CoTweet, and I have to say I like it a lot. CoTweet is, quote, “a platform that helps companies reach and engage customers using Twitter”, and a lot of the really big brands are using the product to manage their Twitter streams, including Ford, Sprint, Whole Foods, Coca Cola and even Twitter themselves, with their API account.


CoTweet offers various advantages for organisations, including:

  • Multiple Accounts and Multiple Users – You can manage up to six Twitter accounts through a single CoTweet login, and then invite colleagues to join your accounts to work as a team representing your company
  • Tweet Assignments – Assign tweets to your colleagues for follow up. They get notified by email and the tweets are added to their ‘follow-up’ queue
  • Conversation Threading – See when tweets have been responded to and who’s said what to whom
  • Rich Profiles – Click on any username to view conversation history, recent tweets, Twitter profile information and follower/following status
  • Notes – Make notes on users for anyone on your team to see
  • Click Tracking – CoTweet works seamlessly with, and you have one-click access to statistics from the control panel
  • Tweet Scheduling – Reliably break news at specific times, or just prepare tweets ahead of time to deliver a steady flow of updates throughout the day
  • MultipleAccount Posting – Easily post updates from multiple accounts at the same time, increasing your reach with minimal effort

One thing CoTweet does really well is allow you to see all the messages and updates from all of your accounts all at once, which makes it really easy to get things done. It encourages you to engage, putting the emphasis on social.

I’m now working with different clients on their social media campaigns, notably their Twitter presence, and CoTweet has been a fantastic tool for me to juggle multiple accounts, giving each my constant and full attention, as opposed to running different Twitter clients and/or logging in and out of a personal favourite.

Only July 9, CoTweet raised $1.1m in venture capital and launched their public beta. If you’re a brand on Twitter or are working with multiple clients on their ventures, I strongly recommend you check it out.