Cosmopolitan Magazine Writer Tries Out Public Masturbation

Why, you may ask? For two principal reasons: 1) Jennifer Landa, author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women, has written that a public self-gratification session can really help spice things up; and 2) Cosmopolitan contributor Anna Breslaw was assigned this task by an editor.

It’s hard to get into specifics without seeming prurient. Let’s just say that per Landa’s general guidance, Breslaw equipped herself with the necessary motorized-culinary props and got on the uptown Q train:

By Union Square, it was working physically, but to have an orgasm you also have to be in The Zone mentally, and I was about eighty miles and one off-road path from The Zone, no matter how hard I tried.

At press time, there is a surprisingly low number of reader comments (22). Still, from the statistical sample point of view, it’s tellingly split right down the middle; half the respondents think an item permalinked /masturbate-train-gyro is hilarious while the other half believe the article is disgusting.

FishbowlNY is firmly with the former group. Intentionally or not, Breslaw’s piece reads as a solid send-up of Cosmo‘s never-ending stream of sex tips & tricks articles. Perhaps Breslaw can next tackle “How to Tell If That Homeless Guy is Really Into You.”

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