Bill Cosby Podcast Host: ‘We’re Just Trying to Lay Out the Story in a Very Philadelphia Way’

Annette John-Hall begins by visiting the affordable housing complex where Cosby grew up

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Debuting today via Philadelphia public radio station WHYY, the podcast Cosby Unraveled coincides with jury selection for the upcoming criminal trial of Bill Cosby. Once an institution in that city, Cosby was ultimately taken down by a comedian’s performance there in 2014 and a stream of subsequent allegations from dozens of women.

For today’s edition of WHYY on-air program Radio Times, host Marty Moss-Coane spoke with colleague and podcast host-producer Annette John-Hall. Episode #1 of Cosby Unraveled, posted today, covers Cosby’s early life in Philadelphia and initial rise to fame. It runs just over 15 minutes.

Moss-Coane and Hall during Radio Times spoke to several female callers, played various interview clips from today’s podcast debut and discussed the complicated legacy of Cosby, whose charitable deeds they argued should not be entirely discounted. For the same Radio Times installment, Moss-Coane also spoke via telephone with New York Times reporter Graham Bowley, who is covering the Cosby trial.

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