Cory Doctorow on Amazon, Macmillan, and eBook Pricing

The outspoken sci-fi author and Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow talked to Chris Kennedy for the Copyright Clearance Center’s Beyond The Book online radio show last week about eBook pricing, the recent standoff between Macmillan (his own publisher) and Amazon, and a number of other issues that affect eBooks.

Here’s an excerpt from the show in which Doctorow sounds off on the trouble with Kindle and what he would have if he were in charge of Macmillan: “The contracts that you click through when you buy a Kindle book and the DRM that’s on most Kindle books make it technically and legally difficulty, if not impossible, to move your Kindle library to a competing device, which means that the more Kindle books you buy as an individual reader, the more you’re going to have to give up if you decide to throw away your kindle and buy someone else’s device because Amazon is only going to let you use their licensed equipment and I think that if I were Macmillan, the strategy that I would be pursuing wouldn’t be to confront on price…I would have gone for a much more politically savvy front to fight Amazon on and that would be fair terms on Amazon Kindle books…”

Doctorow always has smart things to say, so this is well worth checking out. Click over to the site to listen to the show or to read a transcript.

Once the device market settles down and there are a number of devices out there that lots of people have, it will be interesting to see how much the frustration over transferring libraries that Doctorow mentions makes it into the larger conversation.