CORRECTION: No Q2 Furloughs at Gannett

CORRECTION (Wed. March 17): We’ve spoken with Gannett spokeswoman Robin Pence, who tells us, “Gannett will not have any furloughs at corporate, companywide or in our U.S. Community Publishing division during the second quarter.”

We originally echoed a post from the Gannettoid Blog that said employees of the newspaper division who make more than $90,000 a year would have to take a week of furlough in the second quarter. As Pence says, that is not true. FishbowlNY regrets the error.

The original post appears after the jump.

Gannett employees in the U.S. Community Papers division who make more than $90,000 a year will have to take one week of unpaid leave this spring, says the Gannettoid blog.

The publisher of 84 U.S. dailies, including USA Today, the Asbury Park Press and Westchester County’s Journal News, had required nearly all its division employees to take a week-long furlough in the first quarter of 2010.

At the beginning of March, Gannettoid had reported that a wage freeze imposed in April 2009 would lift on April 1, 2010. As that deadline approaches, it looks like Gannett employees aren’t out of the woods yet.