Vice Writer Gets Into Twitter Shouting Match With Corey Feldman


First off, we were not aware that Vice is engaged in the business of allowing some of the people it profiles to get final approval of an article before the piece goes to post. Apparently, that was a condition imposed by actor Corey Feldman on contributor Jamie Lee Curtis Taete, who agreed.

Given this journalistic contract, one would assume that Feldman was thrilled with the resulting coverage of his recent birthday party. Wrongo. As Taete details, the actor went ballistic on Twitter in the aftermath of publication, even going so far as to publish some of the reporter’s personal information. Taete tried to ignore it all, but on Labor Day, Feldman upped the angry ante with a press release. From Taete’s post:

So, to clarify, Corey has falsely accused me of lying, tweeted out my personal phone number, retweeted hundreds of negative comments about me, indirectly accused me of trying to buy drugs in his house, implied I sexually harassed his female friends, implied I sexually harassed him, and then, without any hint of irony, accused me [via press release] of being a bully.

Great job, Corey.

Taete’s item includes an exhaustive screen-grab summary of the Twitter assault fired out from “Feldmansion.” It adds up to another example of how social media can all too often be anything but. Feldman turned 42 on July 16.