Core Games Make an Appearance on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

This week’s list of top emerging Facebook games (as defined by games under 1 million monthly active users) is mostly comprised of titles that we haven’t seen before. There are a few familiar faces in the crowd though, the first being Pirates Saga — a game that we talked about last week and reviewed shortly after its December launch. According to AppData, our tracking service for monitoring the growth of the top Facebook games, Pirates Saga has been on a growth spurt since the end of February.

Two more familiar games appearing on the list this week are The Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego. Despite being iconic titles that many people grew up playing, both Blue Fang games have failed to truly take off in the way that other established brands have (such as EA’s Monopoly Millionaires).

Top Gainers This Week – Games

NameMAUGain Gain,%
1. Wild West Town987,574+392,207+66%
2. Coins Dozer510,068+260,139+104%
3. 無限德州撲克487,266+232,584+91%
4. SNSplus367,730+224,186+156%
5. 麻將-台灣麻將294,973+219,588+291%
6. Poker Texas Boyaa557,216+205,516+58%
7. Pirates Saga331,824+180,739+120%
8. The Oregon Trail787,223+177,866+29%
9. 101 Oyna (KAMERALI)369,319+172,490+88%
10. Fantasy Kingdoms888,276+161,045+22%
11. Footy!573,913+145,226+34%
12. Gun Bros477,706+131,665+38%
13. Mucit Köy283,255+130,917+86%
14. Townster210,253+127,295+153%
15. Social Empires854,357+125,821+17%
16. Slotomania – Slot Machines624,994+110,678+22%
17. แฮปปี้ฟาร์ม566,036+110,050+24%
18. Carmen Sandiego302,516+109,496+57%
19. Galactic Trader447,643+104,942+31%
20. Habbo Hotel Brasil275,659+102,550+59%

Gun Bros is an action game developed by Glu Games that originally debuted on iPhone in October 2010. With the gameplay mimicking the mobile version, Gun Bros features click-to-shoot combat of enemies that have to be defeated in order to move on to higher stages. While defeating the opposition, players earn XP and a currency called Xplodium that can be redeemed after each stage. Players unlock new armor and weapons and level up. Socially, Gun Bros allows players to bring their friends along, which adds in their level and weapons to a player’s overall strength. It clearly wasn’t designed for the Facebook platform, though, as it doesn’t utilize many of the viral channels that make Facebook such a powerful platform. Gun Bros grew over 110,000 MAU in the past week and is now hovering around 490,000, but it doesn’t seem to be retaining its users as only around 5% of its monthly users are playing each day.

Social Empires is a strategy game by Social Point that we reviewed earlier this week. Closely following games such as Backyard Monsters, Social Empires attempts to bring in the full strategy game experience complete with combat, resources, and villager training. Many developers are attempting to bring ‘core’ style games to the Facebook audience, including companies such as Kabam. Social Empires increased its MAU by 17% in the last week, bringing its total monthly playerbase up to 861,000.