Cordy 2 (iOS) review

Cordy 2 is a new iOS game from SilverTree Media. It’s available now in a free, limited “demo” format on the App Store, with a wide variety of in-app purchases including the ability to unlock the full version of the game for $4.99.

Cordy 2 is a platform game that stars the titular TV-headed robotic hero and tasks the player with ensuring he stays alive while attempting to rescue their friends from the evil Boogaloo. Basic gameplay involves running and jumping, collecting the game’s currency of Gears — which are used throughout the game to unlock new content such as levels and costumes — and trying to find the hidden Zap Drops before Boogaloo’s forces do.

You control Cordy is with on-screen button that move him left and right and jump. Depending on the context, a fourth button also sometimes appears, allowing Cordy to use teleporters, swing from special platforms and speak to characters to learn new techniques. Although the on-screen controls suffer from the usual flaws inherent in such a control scheme — blocking the action with thumbs on the small screen of the iPhone, and a lack of tactile feedback making it sometimes difficult to know if your fingers are in the right place — they are, for the most part, responsive and tight, meaning you normally feel like you’re in full control of Cordy. There are a few exceptions — guiding him in the air is sometimes a little errative, for example — but for the most part it’s a tight control scheme that works well within the limitations of the iOS platform.

The game is structured into three “worlds,” each of which has a particular visual theme and set of levels to explore. The levels are structured in a mostly linear path, with each subsequent level unlocked by completing the last, but certain side branches can be unlocked by expending the in-game Gears currency. These side levels often take the form of simple puzzles rather than more lengthy platform challenges, but they offer players the opportunity to earn additional Stars, which are the game’s main means of tracking progress.

The game is primarily a single-player experience but it features Game Center compatibility for social play. The app’s Game Center features include a leaderboard of how many stars the player has earned, allowing them to compare their progress with their friends, and a set of 30 achievements. Users with devices running iOS 6 are also able to issue challenges to their friends based on either their leaderboard rank or a specific achievement — a much-underlooked feature of iOS 6 and a great means of implementing a form of social play even in games that do not have a specific multiplayer or online component built in.

The game monetizes through the aforementioned “unlock fee” for the full version of the game, but also through sales of additional costume and color packs allowing players to customize Cordy. Many of these are as expensive or more so than the price of admission for the full game, but they are completely optional and unnecessary to enjoy the game, instead providing enthusiastic players the opportunity to customize their character and show their support for the small developer.

On the whole, Cordy 2 is a very good game. Its free four-level demo provides users with plenty of opportunity to determine whether or not they will enjoy the full product, and the complete game offers a lengthy challenge that will keep even the most enthusiastic platform player busy for quite some time. It looks good, sounds good, plays well and offers good value for money despite pricing itself into the slightly higher tiers of iOS games — all in all, it’s a good example for other developers to follow.

Cordy 2 is currently ranked at No. 65 in Top Free Apps, No. 225 in Top Grossing Apps, No. 6 in Top Free iPad Apps, No. 71 in Top Grossing iPad Apps, No. 28 in Top Free Games and No. 6 in Top Free iPad Games. It’s performing quite well on iPhone but considerably better on iPad, as is often the case with this type of game. You can follow its progress through the App Store charts with AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social games and developers.


A well-presented, fun little platformer that offers excellent value for money and a generous free trial.