Coping With A Layoff (And Getting Pumped Up)

Unemployed? You, too, could look like this! (RightIndex)

Curious how your fellow unemployed are spending their time? A full sixth are fixing up their homes, according to a recent Careerbuilder survey, while 14 percent are exercising more and 11 percent are “finally taking time to relax.”

Four percent are starting new businesses and eight percent are volunteering, both of which are, incidentally, great resume-builders even if the business fails or the volunteer work doesn’t lead to a job.

On the financial side, 23 percent of laid-off workers are collecting unemployment (only 23 percent?) and 20 percent are cutting back on expenses. A full four percent of the unemployed are living on credit—horrible, but surprising the number is so low.

How are you keeping busy? What’s your favorite money-saving tip?