Copia To Launch in 900 College Bookstores This Spring

Copia announced a major bit of news last week, and it looks like it was swallowed up by the 3 ring circus surrounding the Apple iBooks news. Move over B&N, step aside Google, there’s  new player in the college eBookstore market.

Over the next couple months Copia will be rolling out eBookstores in over 900 college bookstores across the US. Students will be able to buy textbooks, red them on the integrated apps, and use Copia’s social reading platform to collaborate with fellow students.

These bookstore partnerships are part of Copia’s new white-label strategy. The 900+ campus bookstores serve over half the college student population in the US (6 million students). By comparison, B&N College operates 624 bookstores.

Copia launched in early mid late 2010 with plans to be one of the best social reading platforms. They initially planned to support their eBookstore with integrated eReaders as well as their apps, but those were eventually dropped because of the B&N-Amazon price war.

Copia currently has reading apps for Windows 7, OSX, and the iPad. They have also been planning an Android app, but it has been delayed for over a year.