Cop Crackdown on Social Media

Watching what you post on Facebook, Twitter and other hubs on the social net will take on new meaning. The NYPD has appointed a new Assistant Commissioner to mine your web activity for shenanigans and potential criminal activity so beware.

Kevin O’Conner is the new man in charge of a new juvenile justice unit that surfs the social Web looking for trouble, according to a report on the NY Daily News.  They might search for shady house parties, gang showdowns, and predator perverts lurking chat rooms.

You can tweet, but you can’t hide from the law. Though posting your criminal plans may warrant your arrest for stupidity alone.

Cops are finally seeing the power of social media, especially during recent London riots where rioters are messaging their targets and cop positions. Why it’s taken all this time for the NYPD to get savvy to social media and formally create this new unit is a little startling. I mean even Chris Hansen from the show How to Catch a Predator knows where the criminals are at online.

O’Conner is a 23-year veteran who has had success catching sexual predators online in past years — So on second thought maybehe and Hansen do have a few things in common.

If you’re worried about privacy, Facebook, Twitter and Google comply with US federal law, which will protect your account unless a civil subpoena or court order has been made. You’re safe on the net till proven guilty, folks. Still let’s make the social web a safe place. The last thing we need are cops addicted to the Internet like the rest of us, when they should be out in the world enjoying donuts and wild car chases.



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