Cooqy – Flash-based eBay interface

Cooqy is eBay interface where you can search and buy items from eBay auctions. This project is still young – it started only on January 2006 and as public version from March 2006. The biggest advantage of Cooqy is speed, they are filtering out HTML code to reduce the information size.


Whereas an average eBay item listing contains over 100KB of data (without photos), Cooqy filters out all but the most essential item details and removes HTML formatting to send as little as 2KB of data to the browser, a 50x reduction in network traffic. Observed surfing improvements using Cooqy generally fall between 2x-10x faster than surfing eBay’s own website, due to a number of variable factors that include latency with the eBay web services.

Other Cooqy features:

* View up to 48 items side-by-side without scrolling;
* Display item locations in the USA on an integrated map
* Inspect all item photos with built-in magnifiers
* Find auction bargains with tools not available on eBay
* Watch animated auction end times
* Select a favorite color theme

You can find some info also at this post by Jackson West.

Some fresh things on net is always cool and interesting to go and check them – maybe it is worth to use them and they can ease some things and Cooqy isn’t the worst thing to start with.

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