Cooqy expansion to MySpace, startpages and blogs.

In one of my previous posts I wrote about Cooqy – it is a Flash-based eBay interface and now it offers widgets for MySpace several Ajax startpages and blogs.

Showcase Widget

This is widget where you can display your products what you are selling on eBay or display stuff from some seller or category. Widget have very much configuration parameters and all this information is available on Cooqy forum.

Search Widget

The search widget is almost the same as Cooqy page without some features. It allow to search for the products on eBay and it is easy to embed into your blog or web site. It also give a solution for MySpace users how to embed this widget. All this information you can read here.

Startpage widgets

Now Cooqy offer widgets for five ajax startpages – Google Homepage, PageFlakes, NetVibes, Microsoft and Protopage. All links to widgets and information how to add them here.

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