Cooper-Hewitt Opens Up Nomination Form for 2011 National Design Awards

Being as it’s the end of the year, ’tis the season to start thinking about next fall’s National Design Awards. Sure, that might seem a long way off, but remember that first the Cooper-Hewitt needs to have design-y stuff to look at before they can give them awards, nationally (see what we did there?). The museum has just opened up their annual nomination process, allowing you the public to lend your voice in figuring out what was tops in ’10. You can nominated whoever you’d like, in multiple categories, providing they fit the criteria, ranging from the person/people nominated are US citizens, or have their headquarters in the States, and have been working professionally in their field for the past seven years. The deadline to get your nomination in is January 10th, so you have time to think it over, but don’t forget to do it, thereby crushing the dreams of that hardworking designer you admire and love. For a refresher, here’s the whole collection of last year’s winners.