Cool! The iTunes App Store is Now on Facebook

There’s no doubt that the whole social internet community revolves around Facebook. Let me exaggerate a bit here but I everybody in the online world seems to want get on board Facebook. Even the iTunes Apps Store is now on Facebook, which is next?

Alright, lets go back to business. Like I said, the iTunes App Store now has its own Facebook page. It was developed and powered by a company called Vitrue. And it basically puts the Apps Store inside Facebook allowing you to search apps, share cool apps with friends or to simply look out for the hottest apps that you will most likely install on your iPhone.

But the cool thing is, if you found an app worth downloading, you can just click on the “get app” button on the Facebook page and it will automatically fires up the Apps Store if you got iTunes installed on your computer.

The iTunes App Store Facebook Page also lets you share your latest and the hottest apps you found with your friends on Facebook. And since we’ve mention finding apps, the Apps Store Facebook Page also has a nice search and share feature which lets you search for specific apps and when you found something you can immediately post it to your Facebook Wall for all your friends to see.

Other features of the iTunes App Store Facebook Page include – featured apps which give you the top-selling iPhone/iPod apps as well as view the sales figure of paid and free apps. You can also browse through the top-selling games and download anything you find interesting right away.

Overall, the iTunes App Store Facebook Page is well designed and carefully planned. Vitrue manage to recreate the same experience you get when interacting with the “real” Apps Store. Plus of course, it’s very useful and comes in handy for iPhone users who regularly checks the iTunes App Store for new games, utilities, educational and other useful iPhone apps.

You may visit the App Store Facebook Page here. And while you’re still at it, make sure that you become a fan of the page to get future enhancements to the Facebook Fan Page.