Cool Kids Only, Say The, Um, Really Cool Kids


The Times, which we’ve always hearted for their open mind and culturescape finger, turns out not to be the friendliest tenant on the block. The Voice clarifies:

When The New York Times and Forest City Ratner Companies open their grand new office building on Eighth Avenue, it won’t have a Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Nathan’s, because they are specifically forbidden under terms of a land deal with the state.

We’ve spent entire semesters making our way through architecture school by relying on Taco Bell trips, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever spend as much time in the hallowed halls as we did in studio, so as solipsistic as we’d like to be, we’re not sure how relevant this is. To us. But it might be to you, or a Nathan’s enterpreneur. At least the world’s lesser addictions could still be fed:

But a Starbucks or Cosi would be just fine.

Also uninvited: doctors, dentists, foreign governments, discount stores, and any office that would attract people with no appointments.

Looks like Corporate’s got a bulletproof case for keeping us down and unfurnished.