Cool Job Alert: Twitter Marketing Designer

In what’s becoming a recurring feature here, we have another cool job at Twitter to share with you.

Last time, we told you about the Twitter Email Designer position – a great opportunity for someone with the technical skills they were looking for.

But if you’re less of a tech person and more of an artiste, Twitter has another position available that we think you’ll think is the cat’s meow.

Ever dream of being a Marketing Designer? If you’re a creative writer, it’s the kind of writing job that PAYS, fyi.

But this position isn’t just writing stories (sorry to get your hopes up and then shoot em down like that). The person tasked with marketing design at Twitter will be a masterful storyteller – but one who can tell a story that goes beyond words, using designs and creations.

You’re comfortable working across multiple design disciplines and media, including mobile and web design, print, presentation, and signage. You can do the production or prototyping work to implement your own designs. You align your creative efforts with existing brand strategy, and know how to appropriately extend the brand with simple and cleverly designed messaging. You are passionate about Twitter and are constantly thinking of ways its value can be communicated and spread worldwide.

So the position is really a creative storyteller/artist with tech experience if we go by “what they’re looking for:”

Your work is clean, modern, focused, and inspiring to others. You have experience working across interaction, visual, and graphic design, and have an interest in motion design and data visualization. You have a passion for understanding and solving problems for people, and communicating in a way that delivers a clear and concise message.

So if you know your way around HTML and CSS, regularly bring designs to life using Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Keynote, ‘get’ Twitter and tell stories that make people cry (or whatever emotion your mind is set on eliciting), then Twitter is looking for you.

It will help to understand online promotional techniques and marketing systems, of course and they’d REALLY love someone who knows this stuff:

  • Motion design knowledge
  • Data visualization skills
  • Current on latest responsive design thinking and techniques


But we’re guessing that perfect person they seek is already employed at Google or somewhere. So take a shot if your qualifications come close – why not?

(Image from Shutterstock)