Cool Decision-Making Tool; Like Looking Into a Web 2.0 Mirror

I have a hunch you’re going to like this next Website. It’s one that promises to make difficult decisions a little easier with help from the wisdom of the crowd.

To get started you teach Hunch about the things you like so that the engine can help you answer questions you’re dying to know the answers to.

The queries to help build your profile range from which celeb you find hot to what kind of French fries you prefer to how you like your sandwich cut (horizontally or diagonally).

Even the seemingly serious questions are written and presented in a light and fluffy fashion, encouraging the user to answer. After all, the more questions you answer, the better the future results. Maybe that’s why I finally pulled myself away after answering 126 questions.

I’m not sure if Hunch uses the collected data to target ads your way, but they sure could draw some seriously bankable conclusions.

After Hunch learns about you (a minimum of 10 answered questions) you are ready to get the answers to the questions on your mind. For example, ‘Where should I go on vacation?’ or “What cell phone should I buy?’ or ‘Which Lord of the Rings character am I?’ Each core question is followed by several sub-questions that will help the system choose an answer.

Now God as my witness…when I went to find an answer to ‘Where should I go on vacation?’ – the system generated an answer that was EXACTLY where I was looking to book a trip earlier in the day. Perhaps it was a fluke, but color me impressed!

Hunch is sort of like Yahoo Answers without all of the idiots. The site was actually co-founded by one of the brains behind Flickr and the aforementioned Yahoo Answers!,

This site has some serious potential. And that’s a question we don’t even need to ask!
Here’s my profile.