Cookmate Multi Timer App Helps Cooks Juggle More Than One Dish

Random House and Smashing Ideas have teamed up to create a cooking tool iOS  app. The Cookmate Multi Time app lets you cook multiple dishes at the same time and make sure that they are timed correctly, so that one dish isn’t iced cold or another doesn’t burn as you are trying to multitask in the kitchen.

The app lets you set multiple timers simultaneously and name each time, as well as adjust the adjust hours and minutes of each timer and add notes to each timer. You can also add alerts, so say you have to baste the turkey or turn down the heat on a pie, you can set yourself reminders to do this.

Here is more about how it works from iTunes:

Timers automatically rank so that the first to go off is at the top of the list. Timers will turn from black to red at the one-minute countdown, alerting the user that their timer is almost done. Cookmate Multi Timer runs in the background of your device so that other applications can be used at the same time.