Cooking and Baking With Facebook IQ (Infographic)

What’s cooking at Facebook IQ? Ways for marketers to connect with users who post about cooking and baking.

What’s cooking at Facebook IQ? Ways for marketers to connect with users who post about cooking and baking.

The social network’s analytics and insights arm looked into users who know their way around the kitchen, or claim that they do, finding that:

  • During a 30-day period, from March 5 through April 5, 213 million users worldwide generated 1.1 billion interactions (posts, comments, likes and shares) about cooking and baking.
  • There are 18 million of those interactions on an average day in the U.S.
  • 83 percent of those interactions occur via mobile devices.
  • Married users interact more about cooking and baking than single users do.
  • Users 35 and older tend to over-index on related interactions more so than on other topics they discuss on Facebook.

Facebook IQ also provided the following takeaways for marketers:

  • Mobilize the home cook: With 83 percent of cooking and baking interactions happening on mobile devices, creating digestible content that is highly visual and bite-sized can help brands appeal to this mobile-minded audience.
  • Pair messages with the right days: People are cooks on the weekdays and gourmets on the weekends. Whether it’s pre-prepared meals and delivery options to get them over the midweek hump or recipes to inspire the weekend chef, brands can adjust marketing to address different needs on different days.
  • Engage people as they transition to new life stages: As people become more established in their personal and professional lives—transitioning from single to married, for instance—they interact more on Facebook around cooking and baking topics. Brands can tailor content and messaging to reach people around these transitions.
  • Don’t forget breakfast: Breakfast is not only the first meal of the day: It is also the most-discussed meal on Facebook. Brands can tap into this meme and/or establish use cases that go beyond the morning ritual.

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