Cookie Monster Tries to Stick to Resolutions in New Google Ad

It’s that time of year again — the time when TV, print, radio, and online ads remind us at every turn that we resolved to lose weight, get healthier or otherwise improve ourselves in the new year.

While we, like you, are already sick of hearing about discounted gym memberships and the countless ways we could “jump-start” our diets, this resolution-related ad made us smile; not only is it honest about the way resolution-makers tend to behave (off the wagon before ever really getting on it), but it playfully makes us feel we’re in good, joyful company, rather than feeding the inevitable guilt spiral resulting from resolution failure. Also, it features Cookie Monster.

The ad for Google Play, which allows users to browse and download everything from movies to music to cookbooks to smartphone apps, acts as a minute-long tutorial on how to use the service. Viewers watch as a certain blue cookie fanatic hunts down everything he might need to inspire and support his presumed resolution of a cookie-free new year. But, as so often happens to even the best of us, Cookie Monster runs into some temptation trouble while browsing cookbooks–and wonders if perhaps he can put off the diet (just ’til tomorrow).