Continuing to Ignore the Gag Order, Ai Weiwei Now Back on Twitter

Two weeks ago, we told you that artist Ai Weiwei was treading slightly dangerous waters by opening a Google+ account, despite being issued a complete media and social networking gag order by the Chinese government who had just released him from a long, secretive and reportedly punishing detainment. Now Weiwei is apparently pushing a bit further, as his Twitter account suddenly sprang back to life. His messages thus far, at least in those we’ve read translated by sources like the BBC and ArtInfo, have been more than a bit tame, ranging from “Hey, hugs. Goodnight,” to talking about what he’d had for lunch: “Lunch 10 dumplings, bodyweight regains 3kg.” Whether this means that the media noose imposed by the government has been loosened or has Weiwei just decided speaking to the public worth the risk is anyone’s guess.