ContextWeb Starts to Speak Spanish

Online ad firm ContextWeb, which specializes in delivering contextually-targeted ads on hundreds of content Web sites, has added Spanish-language ads to it’s collection of product offerings.

The company, which also manages the online ad exchange ADSDAQ, said it can now deliver Spanish text ads on both English and Spanish language sites. Theoretically, advertisers looking to reach a U.S. Hispanic audience that primarily communicates in Spanish can target them wherever they go on the Web.

On top of that, these advertisers can also specify delivering these Spanish speaking Web users while they are engaged with specific types of content.

To help push the new product forward, ContextWeb has tapped former Time Warner digital executive Joe Kutchera to serve as the company’s new director of Spanish-language markets. “With multiple countries of origin and degrees of acculturation, it can be a challenge for marketers to reach the fragmented U.S. Hispanic audience,” he said. “ContextWeb can now provide targeted, brand-safe inventory on a vast scale through page-level contextual placements in Spanish.”