ContextWeb Bows Site For Ad Network Ratings, Reviews

With hundreds of ad networks lining up to sell excess display ad inventory, how does a publisher know which ones are reputable and which are less so?  

ContextWeb, which manages the Adsdaq ad exchange, says it has a solution. The company has rolled out, a new Web hub where publishers can publicly rate and review ad networks, much like the way foodies dissect local restaurants on sites like Yelp.

That sort of uncensored, unbiased feedback is hard to come by, causing a lot of trial, error, and frustration among publishers, according to Anand Subramanian, president of the Adsdaq Exchange. “Publishers have a real hard challenge finding options that work for them,” he said. Subramanian said many  complain that it is difficult to get even simple information on networks, not to mention real insight on what it is actually like to work with individual companies.
“There is really no vetting process, no rating process out there,” said Subramanian. “We hear all the time that this network is too complicated to get in touch with, this one doesn’t pay people on time. Now that information can be centralized.”

Yet PubVantage is not just about ratting out bad networks, but highlighting good ones with the hopes of facilitating new partnerships. Through the Web based tool publishers can find new networks they’d like to work with an actually initiate new inventory deals.

In fact, according to Subramanian, since quietly rolling out PubVantage in late May, Adsdaq has signed on hundreds of new partners. Plus existing partners claim that revenue has surged by 45 percent compared to the previous 30 days as a result of deals forged via PubVantage.

“As an exchange, our job is to connect as much of the supply as possible to the demand,” said Subramanian. “We think this adds liquidity to the marketplace.”