What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Context Optional's Social Marketing Suite

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The Context Optional Social Marketing Suite is designed to help brands engage their Facebook communities for the long term. It’s built to scale with needs, capable of supporting a large number of pages, large number of enterprise administrators and tens of millions of fans.
After the jump – what you need to know about the Social Marketing Suite.
The application in a sentence
The Social Marketing Suite is an integrated, SaaS solution that enables enterprises to effectively and efficiently build, monitor, manage and measure their brand presence on Facebook.
Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Supports Multiple Stakeholders: As social media marketing becomes increasingly strategic, more stakeholders are involved in planning, authoring, approving, responding to and analyzing social engagement. The Social Marketing Suite is a work-flow-driven, multi-administrator solution where stakeholders’ access tasks mapped to their roles and responsibilities, enabling efficient implementation of social marketing plans. All activities are archived for future review and analysis.
  • Brand Engagement and Protection: The Social Marketing Suite continuously and efficiently monitors a brand’s identity on all of its Facebook pages, enabling administrators to set keyword filters. This results in streamlined and timely attention and response.
  • Targeted Engagement: Relevancy is the key to acquiring, engaging and capitalizing on community relationships. The Social Marketing Suite enables brands to target communities based on geographic location with localized posts and stream apps. Comments can be posted in local languages and scheduled for relevant time zones.

Coolest feature
Engagement with stream applications averages five times that of standard Facebook posts. The Social Marketing Suite enables brands to publish applications such as coupons, quizzes and polls into fans’ streams and news feeds.

Feature rundown

  • Moderation Module: Creates workflow for moderating comments across multiple Facebook pages in a single interface with automatic alerts by user actions, comment sort by time and priority, archiving for later review and internal issue escalation.
  • Publishing Module: Schedules geo-targeted posts, updates multiple pages at once, tracks activity with central reporting and compares post interactions across pages and posts.
  • Applications Module: Creates custom applications such as sweepstakes, contests, virtual gifts, catalogs, coupons and quizzes as tabs or stream apps. These are published directly to a fan’s news feed, capturing their attention where they spend most of their time.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Tracking social marketing activity demonstrates momentum around social marketing efforts and ROI. The Social Marketing Suite allows brands to track fan growth over time, measure customer engagement with posts, compare campaign results against competitors and export data for further analysis.

User profile
The ideal customer is a large enterprise with a global and/or national community of users, with one or more brands and plans to invest in long-term social engagement.
Pricing for the annual subscription is determined by the number of Facebook pages under management, scaled by number of fans, with unlimited use of applications, publishing, moderation and analytics modules.
Compared to competition
According to the company, “The Social Marketing Suite is an enterprise-class solution, designed specifically for large, multi-brand enterprises with distributed fans and sophisticated cross-channel marketing initiatives. It is the only solution with geo-targeted publishing capabilities and support for OpenGraph social plugins. The Applications module is the most powerful platform available for building a wide range of highly functional, scalable and customizable applications which are tightly integrated into publishing, moderation and analytics modules for seamless creation, deployment, management and measurement.”

Recent Brand Campaigns
The Fandango Showtimes App allows fans to buy tickets to feature films directly from the Fandango Facebook page, creating a seamless experience that puts a movie ticket in fan’s hands instantly and allows fans to share the event with friends.