Contently Launches Portfolio Network for Writers

Writers, rejoice! Contently's portfolio service, PORTFOLIO+, has moved out of private beta. The network's visual layout gives freelance writers who might be overlooked on LinkedIn a chance to show, not tell, what they can do.

Writers, rejoice! Contently’s portfolio service, PORTFOLIO+, has moved out of private beta. Now editorial professionals will have a place to display their best writing samples for other publishers to read.

Founded in 2010, Contently aims to do for writers what image-based portfolios like Behance and have done for designers. (In fact, Behance CEO Scott Belsky is one of the company’s investors. Contently co-founder Shane Snow, in turn, is an advisor to Each of these sites give content creators more prominence in a tech-dominated medium.

Writers, like designers, are asked to show samples of what they can do before they are hired.  It’s hard to keep a portfolio on LinkedIn, where user profiles are designed to highlight education and employment history rather than clips. Writers whose headlines read “Freelancer at Self” don’t look quite as trustworthy as salaried professionals at major publications, even if they have worked for the same magazines and newspapers on a freelance basis.

Contently’s design gives freelancers who might be overlooked on other sites a chance to show, not tell, what they can do.  (It’s a phrase that writers hear a lot!) Writers can search for their stories online or enter them manually into the system. A flexible interface displays the images, text excerpts, and share counts for Web articles on one page that writers can adjust to suit their needs. Old-school journalists can also upload copies of their print work.

Take a look:

Image by Voronin76 via Shutterstock.