Content Farm Writers in Hiding

What’s it like to write for one of the new content farms, like AOL’s Seed or Demand Media? Well it seems easy, but a little unsatisfying.

“I was completely aware that I was writing crap,” said an unidentified journalist who used to write for Demand Media to MediaShift. “I was like, ‘I hope to God people don’t read my advice on how to make gin at home because they’ll probably poison themselves.”
According to the piece, which is a part of a series on content farms from PBS, the reporter Corbin Hiar had trouble even finding writers that would admit they write for Demand Media. One writer Hiar talked to who would only be identified as “Christopher,” uses a pen name when writing posts for Demand. Whatever happened to supporting what you write?
It sounds like Seed produces more quality work, but it’s a shot in the dark on whether you will get picked up on the site. When submitting to Seed, you create “content on spec, without any real direction and cross your fingers hoping you didn’t just waste your time … You and goodness knows how many other writers all rush to find that magical, mystical voice that will satisfy the faceless editors,” said blogger Yolanda Prinzel to Hiar.
If you’ve ever thought of writing for a content farm, read the piece. It’s an interesting look at the “future” of journalism.