Content Creators Can Protect Their Works With RightsAgent

As you read this someone just started a blog. There’s a good chance that in this new blog’s history they’ll have some of their content lifted, permanently borrowed or stolen. Well, there’s a new sheriff in town, RightsAgent, a Website looking to protect your online content and possibly make you some money.rightsagentThe service gives online content creators the ability to manage all of their work (text, image, video) and make it available for republication – either for free or on a pay basis. The open platform lets users control how their content is reused or repurposed.

The free service verifies that you are the actual owner of the sources you claim are yours. Once confirmed, a consolidated feed of all content is created, allowing people to subscribe, and if they choose, request to use content. Both the original owner and the buyer of the work receives a reputation score for each transaction.

Many bloggers are familiar with the Creative Commons (CC), a worldwide proponent of the creative reuse of intellectual and artistic works – while protecting the creator. RightsAgent, with the backing of CC, aims to make it simple for people to license their works while spreading it across the Web.

The Massachusetts-based company hopes that instead of just stealing your stuff people will click on your RightsAgent badge. This will take them to a landing page featuring all of your available content. They then facilitate the rights process.

If content is King then it’s about time that king had a proper guard.