Content Aware Image Resizing: Societal Good or Horrible Plight?

Another bit of video for the day and a thing that’s getting a lot of heavy buzz all over the design sites, a presentation on a process called “Content Aware Image Resizing” by Mitsubishi‘s Shai Avidan and The Interdisciplinary Center and MERL‘s Ariel Shamir. It’s a process that changes the content of the image based on the size of the space it’s placed in. But not just an “Image Resize” in Photoshop or the like, rather it changes the very properties of the image itself. It’s pretty weird and/or off-putting and/or really cool. We really can’t decide which.

As an aside, don’t the names of the two guys behind this thing look like an anagram? Just take Shai Avidan, mix up the letters and you get Ariel Shamir. Well, okay, it’s not perfect, what with those extra v’s and d’s laying around, but it seems like it should work.