Contemporary Jewish Museum Review Round-Up

Well, the locals and the nationals have finally gotten on board, after being beaten by the LA Times late last week in reviewing Daniel Libeskind‘s new Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. So we offer you a quick round-up of the various early reviews out there. John King from the SF Chronicle loves the new building and is surprised at “how smoothly it fits into the landscape – even with angled walls of brushed blue steel.” Also chiming in from that paper is Steven Winn, who spends more time giving the story behind the building of the thing and talking to those people who were involved in the project, but also offers up some glowing reviews. Bloomberg has turned a report in, too, offering up another take on the building of the building, but chooses to also quote a handful of gushing people, including from Libeskind himself (“This is a building that celebrates life and is about America.”) Lastly, Reuters has taken a look, also going the route of a behind-the-scenes, from-ground-breaking-to-opening-night kind of piece, but takes a slightly different path in getting there by offering up some of the reasons why people needed a Contemporary Jewish Museum. All in all, the first batch of reporting from this week’s opening and it’s a nice mix of info. Makes you want to kinda, you know know, even visit the place.

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