Contemplating Which iPad To Buy

Ever since Apple announced the iPad, I have been considering whether or not to buy one. I know that Todd is anxiously waiting for Apple to open up pre-orders for the iPad, but I am a little hesitant about whether or not to buy one. The reason why I am not sure is that I know that other companies will also bring tablet computers to market and I am not sure the iPad will entirely meet what I want in a tablet. If I were to decide to buy an iPad, there are two factors that I am considering, one is when to buy the iPad, and the other is which one of the six models to buy.

My decision of which model to buy is between the Wi-Fi only models and the 3G models. I know that the AT&T CEO thinks the iPad will mainly be a Wi-Fi device, and I tend to agree. On the other hand, if I were to carry a tablet around, I want to be able to connect to the Internet with it at any location. While a Mi-Fi would be a good option, going that route would require me to buy a Mi-Fi from one of the mobile carriers and pay for mobile broadband at $60 per month. The Mi-Fi makes the most sense if I were to use multiple devices with it, but if I carry the iPad, I won’t carry my netbook. Right now I am thinking the 3G model of the iPad at the $30 monthly cost is the way to go, and if I find that I don’t use the 3G service enough or it is too expensive, I can always cancel the 3G service and still use Wi-Fi.

The second question is when to buy, and the answer to this question is a bit more difficult because it means fighting back the desire to buy the latest and greatest device as soon as it is available. The smart move may be to wait for a while and see whether Apple lowers the price. You may recall Apple lowered the price of the first iPhone only a month after it first launched, and some people at Apple have said they may do the same with the iPad if it doesn’t initially sell well. Of course, this whole issue is a bit moot right now because we don’t know when Apple will start selling the iPad, and the longer it takes for Apple to ship the iPad, the more anxious I may become to buy one.