Contemplating My Next Tablet

Last week Verizon started selling the Motorola Xoom and with that people are finally able to buy tablets running Android 3.0, which is a new version of Google’s operating system optimized for tablets. I am coming up on about a year of owning my iPad, and all of the new tablet releases have me itching to buy a new tablet.
Frankly, the iPad is good enough that I don’t necessarily need to buy a new tablet, but I do need to get my hands Android 3.0 in order to write about it. What I like least about the iPad is its weight, it is simply too heavy to hold for long periods of time. The iPad’s weight is driven by a combination of its screen size and battery. On the other hand, the think I like the most about the iPad is its battery life, I literally go days between recharging the iPad, so I don’t want worse battery life. I do want a smaller screen that will not only make the tablet lighter, but also more portable.
The problem is that all the manufacturers of Honeycomb tablets seem fixated on matching the iPad with 10 inch screens. The LG G-Slate has a smaller 8.9 inch screen that is between the 7 inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the 10 inch screen on the Xoom, however I am wondering whether it will be lite enough. On the other hand, the G-Slate might be the smallest Honeycomb tablet to come to market fairly soon and it’s going to be sold by T-Mobile, which is my current phone carrier.
The Acer Iconia Tab A100 will be a 7 inch tablet, which I think is the size I am most interested in, but there is no idea when it will be available for purchase. One 7 inch tablet that I am really interested in is the HTC Flyer, but it runs Android 2.2. The reason why I am really interested in the Flyer is that it has a pen, which would be really handy for taking notes. Basically, the Flyer is going to be a HTC tablet, but on Android 2.2 that takes full advantage of HTC’s Sense user experience. The problem is, we don’t know when the Flyer will be available or how much it will cost.
At the moment I am leaning towards getting the HTC Flyer, but if the LG G-Slate arrives sooner at a reasonable price, I might buy it first, even though I think the Flyer is a better fit to what I want to do with a tablet than the current Honeycomb tablets. You can be sure that what I ever I decide to buy will be written about on this blog.