Consumers Wary of Mobile Banking, but It Will Still Grow

Seventy-one percent of consumers won’t consider using their mobile phone for banking or shopping. Fifty-nine percent just flat-out don’t trust that the device is secure enough for financial transactions.

bank clipart.JPGThese figures come from enterprise security outfit Unisys, which surveyed more than 13,000 mobile users in 14 countries. Reluctance to use the phone to make payments was highest in France (86%), followed by the UK (79%), Belgium (77%) and Italy (77%), according to a report on the research.

Only 9% of the folks surveyed admitted to having conducted a financial transaction using a mobile phone. Usage in individual countries ranged from 1% in the UK to 21% in Germany.

In a separate study, Juniper Research forecasts that 612 million mobile users will conduct 41.5 billion mobile financial service transactions valued at some $587 billion by the end of 2011. Juniper sees what it describes as the “great unbanked,” consumers without access to any other form of banking, as one of the key growth drivers.

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