How Do Consumers Use Social Media To Shop? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you tweet at the supermarket? “Like” your favorite brands? Scan QR codes? If so, you’re part of a growing group of social media savvy consumers who use technology to inform their purchasing habits.

Empathica surveyed more than 6,500 US consumers on their social media behaviors when they shop, visualizing the results in the infographic below.

Of these consumers, over half (55 percent) have “Liked” a brand’s Facebook page. But perhaps more surprisingly, 23 percent have actually taken the time to scan a QR code, while only 8 percent have tweeted about a brand or their experience with a brand.

Twitter’s not too influential when it comes to these customers’ purchases, either. Just 14 percent say that Twitter influences what they buy. Compare this to 35 percent who buy because of Groupon and the massive 73 percent who are influenced by Facebook, and it becomes clear that Twitter has a ways to go as an influence engine.

Take a look at how people use social media to shop in the infographic below:

(Infographic courtesy of Empathica; Woman shopping image via Shutterstock)