Consumers spend 20% more per transaction on iPad than other mobile devices – Adyen

The iPad is the most-used mobile device for payments, according to the results of an 8-month long study conducted by payment solution service Adyen.

The study, which analyzed the number of payments originating from mobile devices in a given month compared to the total number of transactions Adyen processed, shows that consumers spend 20 percent more on average via iPad compared to purchases made on other mobile devices. Out of all payments Adyen processed during the study, 3.6 percent came from mobile, 3 percent from iPhones and 1.5 percent from Android. Not surprisingly, Adyen sees the most growth in payments coming from iPad and Android.

As to the 20 percent bump on volume on iPad versus other devices, it’s worth noting that iPad-only apps tend to have a higher price point for paid downloads. Additionally, the iPad serves as a multi-person tool in many houses, meaning users are more likely to purchase a broader variety of apps than they would for a phone used by only one person.

Adyen also shared an overview of payment methods used in Europe with Inside Mobile Apps in addition to the results of its study. Cash-based methods and e-banking held far more influence in some countries (Sweden, Poland, Belgium) compared to Visa or Mastercard, which are the most-used credit cards fueling mobile payments in North America. Germany had the most diverse set of mobile payments with 21 percent using one of two internet banking methods, 20 percent using traditional bank transfers, 18 percent using Open Invoice, another 18 percent using ELV (Electronic Direct Debit), 12 percent using credit cards and just 11 percent going through Paypal.