Consumers Don’t Really Care About Green Mags

We’ve covered the greening of magazines pretty thoroughly in these parts (even if it’s mostly bullshit) and we’ve come to the conclusion that this will only truly happen when the consumers demand magazines change their enviro-killing ways. (That said, there were some steps taken at the recent American Magazine Conference that gave us confidence a handful of editors and publishers, most notably Backpacker‘s Jonathan Dorn, were trying to save the trees.)

Unfortunately, pressure from consumers is a long way off, if a survey conducted by Hearst Corporation is to be believed. Only 43 percent of people said they would pay more for a magazine printed on recycled paper (which in itself isn’t really an answer) and the same percentage said “If I learned that a product I regularly use was not eco-friendly, I would stop buying it.” This is not, to use an eco-metaphor, the deluge of support that’s going to change the industry.

Shockingly, only four out of five participants in the survey agreed that everyone should care about being eco-friendly. So keep putting out your faux green issues; the world will probably save itself.