Consumerist’s Golden Poo to Be Awarded Monday


(The not so coveted Golden Poo)

The “Golden Poo” will be given to either Comcast or Countrywide Home Loans on Monday when Consumerist readers cast their final vote of the Worst Company in America season.

Using an NCAA-style bracket system, Comcast and Countrywide have knocked out top seeds such as Exxon and DeBeers as well as upstarts such as Monster Cable and the Video Professor, all through heavy reader voting.

Seriously though, Consumerist is a force to be reckoned with in terms of outing bad customer service policies and shoddy products, prompting the sometimes overcooked responses by internal PR people.

Maybe without Consumerist as well as the efforts of NPR’s Bob Garfield and his Comcast Must Die site, we wouldn’t have ComcastCares Twitter feed. Countrywide however, is in much deeper poo.