Consumer Reports Offers Buyouts [Updated]

The package is for staffers of 10 years or more.

Consumer Reports and its union have partnered to offer buyouts to veteran staffers. The news came via a memo from CEO Marta Tellado.

In the note, which was obtained by Talking Biz News, Tellado said a contract extension with CR’s union had been reached, but buyouts were being offered “In order to provide many of our long-serving employees with the opportunity to make a meaningful choice about their future.”

The voluntary separation program (VSP) is being offered to CR staffers of 10 years or more. The packages will be distributed between now and April 4.

Though Tellado wrote that the VSP was “not financially motivated, and there is no target number of acceptances we have set,” you can bet that layoffs are coming if not enough staffers accept the package.

Update (12:42 pm):
A CR spokesperson emailed us to say that our guess that layoffs are coming was “untrue.” Interesting.