Consumer Reports Considers Android The Best Smartphone OS

If you wonder why Steve Jobs appears to be worried about Android (despite saying otherwise), you need look no further than at Consumer Reports. The popular consumer guide has rated smartphones by carrier, and as Computerworld reports, in every instance Android phones came out on top. Nine of the top ten phones run Android, and the iPhone 4 is not even considered due its antenna problems.

Of course, the iPhone is only sold by AT&T, so at other carriers Android phones are competing with Blackberries or Windows Mobile phones. Consumer Reports picks the Samsung Captivate over the iPhone 3GS as the top smartphone at AT&T. Obviously, Consumer Reports’ article was published before the new Windows Phones began selling in the U.S.

While Computerworld emphasizes the pick of Android over iPhone, perhaps the bigger loser is Blackberry, which is not in the top three of most the U.S. carriers, while being available at all U.S. carriers, unlike the iPhone. The Consumer Reports article might not influence someone to not buy an iPhone, but what the article may do is influence the purchase decision of buyers who pre-determine which carrier they are going to sign-up (or remain) with.