How The Top 15 Construction Companies In The UK Use Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

It can’t be easy being a construction company trying to harness social media. They don’t have a simple or accessible product to sell. Instead, they’ve got to find a way to be social with a service that is pretty intangible.

Pauley Creative took a look at how the top 15 construction companies in the UK are using Twitter and other social media to get their message across, with some mixed findings.

Construction companies in the UK do appear to be embracing Twitter, especially compared to last year. In 2010, only 7 of the top 15 companies had a Twitter account, which rose to 13 in 2011.

However, of those 13, only 9 of them are actually using their Twitter account – four have registered their names but aren’t tweeting. And, in many cases, having no Twitter account at all is better than having a dormant one, which can give the impression that you simply don’t “get” social.

Of those that do have a Twitter account, many are increasing the number of @replies and engaging more with their followers than they did in 2010, which is a good sign. Four of the companies are actively engaging with their audience, sending @replies, retweeting their followers and otherwise contributing to a two-way conversation.

You can take a look at the state of construction companies in the UK on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social elements in the infographic below:

(Top image: 1971yes via Shutterstock)

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