Constituents Support Weiner, Breitbart Comes Out of This Looking Bad

Photo: Ramin Talaie for The New York Times

His colleagues may want to put him on an ice floe and push him off the coast at Coney Island, but Rep. Anthony Weiner is hanging in there. Which is exactly what his constituents would prefer.

A NY1-Marist College poll found that 56 percent of his constituents in Brooklyn and Queens want him to remain in office. “This is his personal life. And I feel that the public should actually lay off,” one voter told NY1. Moreover, only 11 percent think he did anything illegal.

One reason for the differing opinion proposes an unnamed Democratic consultant is his activity in the community he represents.

“If I know him, he’ll start going to community meetings, meeting with folks, and that’s going to be the thing that ultimately decides his fate,” the source told Talking Points Memo.

Photo: AP

While Weiner may be done spinning the truth (at least for now), it appears Andrew Breitbart might not be. After talking up his intent to help Weiner by not releasing the really bad photos during the hijacked press conference earlier this week, he passed one around during an interview and it was released anyway. Now he’s saying he had no clue that all the cameras surrounding him at the Opie and Anthony show were actually capable of capturing images.

Salon gives Breitbart, and the MSM, the what-for over the situation. According to their story, Breitbart was trying desperately to get in the good graces of the mainstream media, which seemed to be happening on this story even though Breitbart has a history of telling false tales and not thoroughly researching other stories.

So this whole thing could end with Weiner keeping his job and Breitbart furthering a bad reputation.