Constantin Boym Wants to Share His Toys

Christmas is just around the corner, and this holiday you want your children to play with only the most politically correct, multicultural toys, right? May we present to you Babel Blocks by Constantin Boym:

What is truly unique about New York City? Not the museums, not the opera, not even Empire State Building. It’s the people on city streets, a fascinating mix of races, religions, and cultures. Boym Partners celebrate the people of our city with Babel Blocks, a souvenir of New York’s religious and cultural diversity.

That’s right, you can own Moishe, Nafisa, Mary, Chen, and Jose after November 15, 2007 by walking into stores like Moss and slapping down $75 (okay, maybe you’ll want to hold onto those until the kids grow up). Is it just us, or all together do they look like some kind of modern day Village People?

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