Conspiracy Theory Of The Day: @Twitter Is Intentionally Making Me Follow People I Don’t Like

I wrote about this problem a couple of weeks ago – there’s a real issue on Twitter right now with finding out that you’re suddenly following people you either long unfollowed or that you’ve never followed.

It’s getting infuriating. Tonight, I scrolled through my timeline and found several users on each page that I didn’t recognise and I know that I’d never followed.

Worse, when you try to remove them, it doesn’t ‘take’ straight away. You have to keep clicking on the ‘remove’ button, literally five or more times, until eventually you’ll get the blessed, “You are no longer following…” message. At last, they’re gone.

And I know it hasn’t worked until this point, as I keep refreshing my Twitter profile in the background, and my follow count doesn’t go down until the message appears. Nor do the unwelcome tweets stop appearing in my updates.

It’s enough to make a guy paranoid. It’s easy to get caught up in ridiculous conspiracy theories, and this is likely to be nothing more than a silly (if extremely irritating) bug. As Susan observed, the recent changes Twitter made to the GUI on our following/followers pages have possibly had a negative impact on the mechanism.

But… none of this would be quite as bad if I was being forced to follow people with genuine wisdom and interesting things to say. Or, you know, babes. But it’s always the multi-level marketers, social media/SEO ‘gurus’, real estate brokers, right-wing lunatics, Twitter-train clowns and the other mass-followers who poison the network. Always.

You know, the sort of people I’ve heavily criticised in the past.

If somebody out there is just playing silly buggers, there’ll be hell to pay.