Conservative Writers Unenthralled With Obama Impersonator

Conservative writers aren’t laughing about that funny Obama impersonator who hopped on stage in New Orleans this weekend at the Republican Leadership Conference and made a slew of racial jokes that included a major Sanford and Son shout-out. He went in for the kill when he displayed Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s (D-N.Y.) johnson on the big screens. Nothing blurred.

In fact, these writers think he’s not the “face” of the GOP. It’s a shame, perhaps, that Reggie Brown didn’t behave even slightly more appropriately (meaning, no Weiner picture and at least two less racial and anti-gay jokes) or we might be reading a different sampling of op-eds. After all, he drew a ton of attention from Washington reporters covering the event and few can argue against the conclusion that that he is a far superior Obama impersonator than SNL’s Fred Armisen.

In U.S. News & World Report, former RNC Spokesman Doug Heye wrote, “Something funny happened in New Orleans this weekend. Or, rather, something decidedly unfunny happened in New Orleans this weekend.” He cited other dumb things GOP officials have done to mar the party’s image on race. One was a California Republican Party official who had to resign after sending an email portraying POTUS as a chimpanzee. Go figure, that didn’t go over too well.

Heye concluded, “If you want to know why many minorities have a problem with the GOP—a party that believes in empowerment, and the party of Lincoln—look no further than the hiring of an Obama impersonator telling ‘black jokes’ to a Republican audience. When we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, we have only ourselves to blame.”

The Washington Examiner‘s Senior Op-ed Writer Philip Klein agrees wholeheartedly with Heye. On Saturday he wrote, “Given the GOP’s problem attracting minority voters, and specifically the difficulty that Southern Republicans have overcoming the stigma of racism, this was utterly stupid and mind-bogglingly tone deaf.”