Conservative Talk Radio Versus John McCain


One of the curious side narratives of this wide open election season is the way that talk radio has injected itself onto the Republicn presidential primary process. Here in New York City there is a radio station — the influential WABC — in which virtually every host is virulently opposed to Senator John McCain receiving the nomination. Lisetening to the conservative station is not unlike listening to a continuous 24-hour anti-John McCain ad. What effect, however, this has on the primary process in the tri-state area on Super Duper Tuesday is not immediately apparent. From the AP:

”John McCain heads into Tuesday’s Florida primary facing resistance from not only his fellow candidates, but also from the leaders of conservative talk radio, who some suggest have put their reputations on the line, as well.

”Talk radio pioneer Rush Limbaugh said that if McCain or Mike Huckabee are nominated, ‘it’s going to destroy the Republican Party.’ Mark Levin calls the senator ‘John McLame.’ On Monday, Laura Ingraham said she was “concerned about the mental stability of the McCain campaign” and had cuckoo-clock sound effects accompany his words.

”Radio host Michael Medved said that the big loser in South Carolina was talk radio, ‘a medium that has unmistakably collapsed in terms of impact, influence and credibility because of its hysterical and one-dimensional involvement in the GOP nomination fight.”’

That may be a premature judgement. Florida stands before us presently, and next Tuesday lies ahead.

(image via rushlimbaugh)