“Conservative” Isn’t Term The Daily Caller Uses

Alex Treadway , who is moving to the TheDailyCaller.com as VP of Sales, says he has no conflict about working for Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, both well-known conservatives.

“I’m on the business side,” Treadway told FishbowlDC, explaining that he is personally politically left of center. “I’m about clients getting what they want. it fits what I do for a living. That’s my job.”

Nonetheless, the question of personal politics arose when he met with Carlson and Patel. “When I was sitting there in my first meeting with Neil, I asked, will that matter to you or Tucker? And he [Patel] said, ‘Only if it would make you uncomfortable working for us.’ I thought, these are cool guys.”

Cool guys who don’t openly use the term “conservative.”

“They’ve never used the term ‘conservative website,’ Treadway said. “They’re going to have original reporting. That’s where I think we’re going to be judged.”

Insiders say the site’s creators have never made any grandiose claims about the identity of the site or any agenda they might have and will let the audience decide on its political nature. The site plans to welcome contributions (whenever possible) from writers such as The Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash. Hires include Jon Ward (formerly with TWT), who will be the senior political and White House reporter; Moira Bagley, formerly with NewMajority.com and Roll Call, as editor; longtime conservative blogger Jim Treacher ; and Gautham Nagesh, formerly with Government Executive magazine.

Treadway was most recently with the Atlantic Media Company, where he worked for 10 years.