Conrad Black Wants a New Trial

Media baron Lord Black of Crossharbour — who was found guilty of mail fraud and obstruction of justice in July — wants a new trial. Things kind of went sideways when Lord Black’s business partner of 30 years and second-in-command, David Radler, became the star witness for the prosecution. The problem is that his chances of overturning the verdict are slimmer than Barbara Amiel. From The Toronto Star:

”’The odds of success that any of those motions get granted are extremely remote. They’re kind of the equivalent of a football Hail Mary pass, hoping that something will stick,’ said Andrew Stoltmann, a Chicago securities lawyer who has been following the case.

‘Judge Amy St. Eve ran a very, very good trial — she let in virtually everything, she really kind of made her decisions kind of appeal-proof.”’

David Radler, the former Deputy Chairman and COO at Hollinger, is scheduled to be sentenced December 10th.